WAT Program Details

In order to receive email alerts and access to the dial-in phone system regarding WYDOT Authorized Travel (WAT) events, an individual must provide a valid email address and they must submit the following information:

Applications will be reviewed by Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) personnel and, if accepted, the driver will be subscribed by WYDOT to receive the appropriate email messages that authorize travel. They will also receive an identification number that will allow them to access an automated phone system to check on whether they are authorized to travel on closed roads. Subscriptions expire each summer and renewal requests for the next season can be submitted beginning August 1.

Drivers approved for WYDOT Authorized Travel events will be notified via email when WYDOT authorizes travel on an otherwise closed road, for which they have applied and been approved. Once a driver has received authorization via email or through the phone system, they may travel beyond a closure location but must stay within the authorized limits defined in the notification.

In all cases, the driver should, whenever possible, have a copy or proof of the email message which authorized travel or the spoken authorization code from the dial-in system message.

Applicants must clearly understand that approval to receive notifications for WYDOT Authorized Travel events DOES NOT constitute permission to travel during every road closure. A road is considered closed to all travelers unless drivers receive a notification that WYDOT has authorized travel. Authorizations for travel will occur on an EVENT-BY-EVENT basis and they are valid only for the specific road section(s) listed in the notification. Subsequent notifications may alter or reverse previous authorizations for that specific roadway during the same storm or event.

Additional program details

To apply for email alerts and access to the WAT Dial-In system, go to the login page.